3rd saturday equipment auction for december

J.B. Robison Auctioneers Realtors

15 December, 2018 10:00 am


JB Robison Auctioneers – Vinita, OK

441498 E Highway 60/66

East Side of the Turnpike!

SATURDAY, December 15th, 10AM!


Selling Farm, Ranch & Construction Equipment! Vehicles, Trailers, ATV’s & UTV’s! Boats, RV’s,
Lawn Equipment, Tools & More!

Call Today to Turn Your Assets Into Cash!

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16’ Aluminum Car Hauler! Hydraulic Tilt, Ramp, Electric Winch, Built-In Tie Downs, Good Tires, New Spare, NICE – NICE – NICE TRAILER!

16’ Equipment Trailer w/Ramps, Bulldog Hitch, Good Floor –
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1999 Dodge Ram 1500, Ext Cab, V8, Auto, 2WD, 142K Miles –

2002 Honda, 5 Speed, 167K Miles –

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Check Back For Updates!


Check Back For Updates!


NEW! NEW! NEW! Skid Steer & Quick Disconnect Attachments!

Hydraulic Grapples –

Rock Buckets –

7’ Pallet Fork Extensions –


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ATTENTION SELLERS: No Sales Commission! That’s Right – No Sales Commission!  You receive the amount of the High Bid – all of it – no advertising fee charged, no check in fee charged if your items are here before 5 PM the Saturday before the Auction, no reserve fees charged!  You get ALL the High Bid – JBRauctions receives the 10% Buyers Premium for our efforts. Simple as that!

Sellers are paid by Cashier’s Check Starting at Noon on the Wednesday following the Auction! Checks not picked up by 4 PM will be mailed unless you make other arrangements.

CONSIGNMENT INFORMATION:  CALL US ASAP!  To properly advertise, promote and market your items we need either a full description and multiple photos emailed to us OR your items delivered to our place ASAP!  For maximum exposure have your items at our location two weeks before the Auction – at least one week prior!!! The more people we can reach and the more people that drive by and observe the items coming in the happier both of us will be when the Auction is over!

DO NOT wait until the last minute and then expect retail plus out of your item(s) that have had no exposure to the market place – it just doesn’t work that way!

We have been doing this for 36+ years now. It is unreal how many times I have heard “well I’ve got something to sell but I’m gonna wait and see what all shows up before I bring mine in”.  Pardon me for being blunt – that is Stupid Thinking, they shoot themselves in the foot and keep us from properly doing our job marketing.  The advertising and marketing cost US, not the Seller – If we don’t have the item or descriptions and the items committed to the Auction we can’t complete our job! AND people need to know your item will be available and have financial arrangements made to buy it!  

Bottom Line:  If You Want It Sold Why Keep It a Secret Until the Last Minute? Let Us Do Our Job!


This is a 10% Buyers Premium Auction!  A 10% Buyers Premium WILL be added to the amount of your High Bid when you check out!  If you are the High Bidder at $1,000 you will be charged $1,100 when you pay out.  If you only want to spend $1,000 total on an item, simple, quit bidding at $900 – you will only be charged $990 when you pay out and we saved you $10!

We have been in the business for 36+ years – we did not make the decision to convert this Auction to a Buyer’s Premium Auction in haste.  We have watched national trends, attended many classes, talked to many Auctioneers that we respect and trust.  As with any consignment Auction the first hurdle to jump is acquiring good merchandise to sell.  In today’s market, we must be competitive and streamline everything making our terms as uncomplicated as possible.

We knew there would be resistance to the change. We knew there would be bidders that would not participate because of the buyer’s premium.  

We were also advised after a few Auctions both the Sellers & Bidders would realize what was happening behind the scenes. Bottom Line —- Sellers are bringing better merchandise and are not putting unreasonable reserves on anything – our Sold, Sold, Sold percentage has increased dramatically.  More Happy Sellers! More Happy Buyers! Happy Auctioneers!

ATTENTION! DO NOT CALL THE SELLERS!!! – If you have ANY questions about anything we are selling call our offices and talk to JB Sr.  He will advise you of what information is available and/or try to get your questions answered.

We have a 35+ year relationship with KAMO Electric, NEO-REC & Northeast Rural Services (NRS), selling their surplus vehicles and equipment.  Regretfully during 2018 they have been overwhelmed with phone calls requesting information, service records, wanting to talk to the mechanics, wanting to talk to the employees that drove the vehicles, etc. STOP CALLING THEM! 

They are in the Electric Business, not the used equipment business – that is why they entrust us to market their equipment.  If you have questions, ask us! We will endeavor to get your questions answered and find out what information is available.
There will never be any service records available – there aren’t any!  NO, they won’t let you talk to the mechanics or operators! 

When it is time for their equipment to be declared surplus they turn it over to us to market and sell – they want the units gone. They do a very good job of informing us of any known defects and specifically instruct us to disclose the known defects when the items are sold. They bring it to us to market, sell and deal with the prospective Bidders – please honor their wishes!

Some individual Sellers may welcome your calls & questions – if so, call JB Sr and he will get you with the Seller.  Thank you for your understanding.


Please Read:

(1) Cold Hard Facts of Life —- We can’t hold a gun to any Sellers head and make them sell their items. Neither can any other Auction Company.

(2) Everyone always gets strung out about what the reserve might be but they NEVER take into consideration what the other Bidders might bid??? 

(3) An item may have a $5,000 lien against it that must be satisfied but there are 2 Bidders willing to give $7,500 for it when the bidding starts – the $5K reserve didn’t mean anything did it?

(4) We run into all kinds of things – mortgages or liens that need to be satisfied, once in a great while something may need Court approval, other conditions may arise – so we avoid advertising “absolute”. 

(5) YOU may own a tractor that books for $15K and you need to sell it – you owe the bank $10K on it – Would You Take Less Than $10K for it? I don’t think so. But if a bidder bought your tractor for $12.5K-$15K they got a good deal, everyone happy!

(6) We have been at this a long time. We have seen (and continue to see) the word “Absolute Auction” used by others to entice bidders and then we find out later it was just a come-on to get you there.  We will never do that to our Bidders.

(7) BUT – we do have Sellers that bring us units that positively sell to the high bidder, they never put a minimum on anything! KAMO, NEO-REC, NRS, some Banks, and about half of our individual consignors bring it in and say sell it!  In 35 years, the Electric Companies have NEVER put a minimum on anything!

(8) We work hard at NOT taking unreasonable reserves, don’t want to waste our time or yours. 

Questions?  Call JB or Retta!  918-256-5524

Do you have a piece of equipment that would be hard, difficult or expensive to move to our location for the Auction? Not A Problem – We Have the Solution! Call for Information!

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Please Remove Items by 5:00 PM, Wednesday Following the Auction If Possible!

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Announcement: Information contained herein is presented on behalf of the seller. J.B. Robison Auctioneers Realtors, agent for the seller, cannot guarantee the information to be correct or assume the liabilities for errors and omissions. All lines drawn on maps are approximate. Buyers should verify the information to their own satisfaction. Any announcements made from the auction block on day of auction will take precedence over any matter of print and will be final.