Auction Services

JBR Estate Services

Settling an estate can be difficult and time consuming.  If you are also grieving the loss of a loved one or live a great distance from the estate property, the task can become overwhelming.

We have been serving estate executors, personal representatives, trustees and attorneys for 30 years and we recognize the unique challenges you face.  Let us handle everything.

We can oversee all the tasks related to the home, it’s contents and any commercial assets. This includes the sale of real estate, appraisal and disposition of assets, cleaning, maintenance, security issues and more.  We also work with family members or beneficiaries.

You benefit when your estate is managed by one company.  Our integrated approach to estate settlement streamlines the process, simplifies decision making and increases returns to the estate.  You can mourn your loss, administrate and move forward without being pressured.

We help.  You move on.

Our goal is to relieve the entire pressure from our sellers by providing a “full service turn key operation”. Once you contract your auction with J.B. Robison Auctioneers you, the seller, have to do nothing more other than wait for a paycheck and attend the real estate closing. Our company will professionally handle the entire process for you. This way our sellers can maintain their normal day to day routine and not have their lives interrupted by trying to handle different segments of the auction process. No hassle, no worries, and no work to be done.  One call to J.B. Robison Auctioneers/Realtors and all of your needs are taken care of.

Real Estate Auction Services Available

  • House Cleaning and Showing Preparation
  • Open houses conducted by the auction company for prospective bidders
  • Detailed color “buyers informational packages” produced
  • Attractive detailed advertising produced to saturate the market
  • Real estate auction signs posted on the auction property
    with directional signs leading to the property
  • Video’s produced of the auction property for out of area potential bidder’s
  • Photography of the real estate for the marketing campaign
  • Real estate sales closing services arranged
  • Production of all contracts and paperwork involved in the sales transaction
  • Promotion to all REALTORS nation wide
  • Broker participation invited at no additional  cost to the seller
  • Private showings available at potential bidder’s request
  • No charge for our services if an acceptable sales price is not achieved at the auction

Personal Property Auction Services Available

  • Auction inventory and consultation
  • Coordination and conducting of the auction
  • Preparation of all advertising material used
  • Telephone’s, cell phones, fax machine and office equipment
  • Buyer mailing list
  • Sorting, arranging, and display of auction merchandise
  • Trash removal from property
  • Glass display cases, clothing racks, jewelry displays, and assorted displays furnished as needed to display merchandise
  • Auction signs, parking signs, auction banners, and direction signs provided
  • Full service concession stand provided at no charge
  • Trash cans and post auction property clean up provided
  • Sound systems
  • Computerized clerking, cashiering and accounting
  • Display tables
  • Audio recording of the auction
  • Buyers packing table with wrapping paper and boxes available
  • 20′ x 40′ auction tent
  • 40′ x 40′ auction tent
  • Larger tents available by order
  • Portable men’s and women’s restroom’s
  • Credit card machine available for buyer’s
  • Same day settlement with our seller’s
  • Mobile office
  • Experienced auction staff
  • Full time offices
  • Use of auction companies trailers, vehicles and equipment for auction use

Obviously we cannot list all of the details of the service’s provided by J.B. Robison Auctioneers/Realtors.  Hopefully you find these lists helpful.