Charity & Benefit Auction Specialists

One of the most important ingredients to a successful benefit fundraising event is the choice of auctioneer.  Ideally, he or she must possess wit, energy, confidence, enthusiasm, timing skills, stage presence, charm and the ability to connect with the audience and hold their attention.

So often, committed volunteers and staff members devote countless hours and energy to their auction fundraiser only to have chosen an ineffective or inexperienced auctioneer or celebrity emcee who disappoints the committee’s goals and expectations.

Our experience over three decades as charity benefit auctioneers has provided us the opportunity to cultivate the unique skills necessary to create the invaluable magical energy that must exist in order for your event to reach its highest potential.  J.B. Sr. is a full time auctioneer, not part time hobbyist or amateur.  He perfects the art of auctioneering and fundraising on a regular basis and has been doing so by conducting hundreds of assorted charity benefits ranging in size $500 to $250,000+.

Through continuing education and experience, we keep ourselves up to date on the latest fundraising techniques and technologies. As a result, we are able to offer valuable input, suggestions and strategies for maximizing your fundraising efforts.

We can assist you from the early planning stage to the post event meeting, we are available to provide valuable suggestions to your committee regarding the various stages of the planning process such as selection of auction items, displays, event-night check in, timing of events, scheduling, close out procedures and much more. While conducting live bid calling, the “Fund-A-Cause” portion of the evening or any of the other fundraising techniques, we keep the auction moving at a brisk and lively pace to hold everyone’s attention.

In addition, we believe everyone who attends your fundraiser is there to donate for the benefit of your event and we do our absolute best to make them feel good about it!

Our mission is to provide equal passion, excitement, knowledge and professionalism to each and every event we are involved with, thereby allowing our company to give back to the community through these endeavors. We offer several fee structures, but no two are alike – each menu of services is custom designed for the particular group or event with which we are involved and the services they request.

STARTING A NEW EVENT? We can provide consultation and take you step by step through the process!

HAS YOUR EVENT BECAME STALE? What have you added new or innovative lately? Have you experienced a gradual decline in attendance?  Are you generating excitement about your cause, new bidders and new donors?  Did the company owners used to attend but now send their employees to represent them?  Do people attend because they want to – or because they feel like they obligated to be there?

WHAT SETS YOUR EVENT APART? Most metropolitan areas have numerous benefit galas throughout the year.  The local businesses, philanthropists and foundations attend several functions,,, not just yours!Are your attendees seeing the same auctioneer at your event that they saw last week at the ABC Ball and will see next week at the XYZ Gala? Perhaps it’s time for a change?

Call J.B. Sr. and schedule a no obligation discussion regarding your fundraising needs! 918-256-5524