Sell Your Land?

You control a tract of land.

You’d like to sell that land…
For the highest price possible…
With the lowest out-of-pocket expense…
On the date you choose and according to your terms.

Then why would you…
Ignore most of your Potential Buyers?

You may be overlooking the small parcel buyers who can pay the highest dollar per acre for your land.  This buyer belongs to a larger “target market” and collectively has more buying power, and is typically more eager to purchase than a single large tract buyer.  Many times the intention of the large tract buyer is to buy your property, break it into smaller parcels and sell it at a higher price per acre.  That higher price can now be yours without the cost of subdividing, developing or being “cherry picked” of the best acres!

How can you do that?
By utilizing a Multi-Parcel Auction!

Progressive thinking sellers now understand the advantages of Multi-Parcel Auction Marketing.  Multi-Parcel Auctions allow:

  • all buyers, both large tract and small parcel buyers, to compete against each other, collective $’s vs. single buyer $’s.
  • all property can sell at one time on the date you set.
  • all real estate closing(s) can take place on the same day.  Therefore you receive all purchase funds at the same time.
  • all surveying and closing costs to be paid buy the buyer.

Of the many reasons why auctions are so successful, two are deeply rooted in the human nature:

  • The lure of a bargain.
  • The competitive nature of man, competitiveness brought out in an auction environment, brought out by selling your acreage at auction.

A good merchant offers his products in sizes that appeal to the largest target market and offer the greatest profit.  There are more small parcel buyers than large, but your Multi-Parcel Auction allows all buyers to compete.  As you know competition is what drives price to its highest point.

Our Multi-Parcel computer program is used in conducting the auction.  It is “high-tech” but easy to understand and follow.  This bidding process, the actual auction, is the culmination of an aggressive marketing campaign tailored exclusively for you.

The computerized Multi-Parcel System does something very exciting.  After each round of bidding, the price your land has brought will increase when another round of bidding begins.  In other words, the price of the property is negotiated upward!

If you are interested in getting “Top Dollar” for your holdings, you owe it to yourself to consider the Multi-Parcel method of selling your property.

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